Get a room.

I got a playroom! I got a playroom! I am beyond thrilled to report that this week, my parent’s decided to dedicate an entire room in our house solely to my toys and playing habits. So, what does this mean? Well as opposed to having my toys spread out all over the living room, now they are all contained in my new playroom all within reach of my short arm span. If I want to play with my singing guitar, all I have to do is reach to my right and the songs ensue. Time for a nap? Reach to my left and I have easy access to a blanket. Need to make a faux phone call on my awesome, huge-button, singing cell phone? Reach behind me and all my calls are made possible.

I am really digging this new playroom idea. Not only are all my toys so easily accessible, but also my Mom surprised me with a comfy, plush, new rug as a play mat. Even my Mammie, aunt Mandie, decided to come play in my new playroom yesterday. Or at least, I wanted to play-I am not really sure what she was doing on her laptop. I do know that her laptop has a whole lot more buttons than mine. I tried to play with her laptop in MY playroom, but that didn’t go over so well.

Well I will be 8-months old in just over a week so I am sure the excitement of my endeavors won’t stop-I’ll be sure to keep all my readers posted, no worries. As for now, thanks for reading (because oddly enough, I can’t) and have a great weekend! Oh, and enjoy the pictures of me loving my new playroom!

Carson and I playroom



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