Boy, I have had one crazy week of playing, play dates, and fun times with new toys and new scenery (this is especially true because of my recent mobility status #crawling). Earlier this week, my Mom scheduled my first official play date with her friend’s kid Wyatt. He’s a pretty nice kid with cute curly, blonde hair. I think it went well? I am not positive though because I am not sure exactly how play dates are supposed to go. He pretended to give me toys to “play”, but then would pull them away from me as soon as I would attempt to “play” back with him. I don’t think he knows how to share very well, but then again I don’t think I do either. He attempted to take my pacifier (or as I like to call it “binky”) out of my mouth and I immediately put a stop to that by taking it back and putting it where it rightfully belongs, in MY mouth. Overall though, I’d say it was a success. Maybe we will have another date again soon, but that’s up to my Mom. At least I’ve got my first attempt at socializing behind me.

Ever since I’ve conquered crawling, my Mom (and grandmas) have been purchasing me all these new toys that make a lot of noise and have been incessantly calling me “big” girl. I assume this is a good thing because I sure am loving all of this attention and new presents. I am quite the speed crawler, if I do say so myself, and have a tendency to get into things that I am not supposed to be playing with (like dog food and paper). Maybe that’s why they keep buying me all of these new, somewhat obnoxious toys? Who knows, but as of now, I won’t complain. New presents and toys on a daily basis are a definite “OK” in my book. Well that’s all for this week’s update on the adventures of Carson Claire. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of new toys to tell you all about next week and another story of new endeavors experienced by yours truly.



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