You lose, you win, and babies crawl.

Well, here I go, blog post #2 for this very busy, very mobile (it’s official, I know-it is all so very exciting), now 7-month old baby. I have had quite the exhausting week, let me explain. I decided that I was over just rolling around on the floor literally going no place-or at least no place in a frontwards motion. So last Friday night, I just went for it. My Pee-Paw put me on the ground, I took both arms and both legs and launched my body in a frontwards motion. I accidentally face planted into the carpet on my first try, but no worries-it didn’t hurt. Now, a couple of days later I mean, I’ve got this crawling junk down pat. If my Mom sets me down in the living room, she better believe I’ll be under the dining room table in no time. I am noticing that ever since my mobility has occurred, the floor of my house is much less cluttered and much more clean. Is that a hint that I may put too many odd objects, such as my dog Louie’s bones, in my mouth? I guess I’ll never know, or maybe I will when I get older.

This past weekend was the Cincinnati Bengal’s first game of the NFL season. I was so excited to witness my first NFL football game from the comfort of my living room! I decided for the big event I’d dress up a little and support my team-note the image below. Unfortunately, my team lost this week’s game against the Chicago Bears. Oh well, I’ve been overhearing my family talking about possibly going to the next home game! This means I’d actually be witnessing the game live in downtown Cincinnati. My outfit for this event will have to be on spot-I am sure my Mom will purchase me something new for this grand event. Alright all of my wonderful readers, this has been my update for the day/week-no worries though, I’ll post again soon. Always remember, just as this week title denotes, you lose, you win, and babies (like me, Carson Claire) crawl.

Bengal's Carson

Oh, and below are links to some articles related to my endeavors. Enjoy!


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