Scarecrows, pumkins, and this thing called ‘cold weather.’ Oh my!

Well it’s been another exciting week filled with new adventures for this almost 8-month old baby, or so they tell me. Last Sunday, my parents, grandparents, and Mammie took me to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins to carve and to pet/see farm animals-except there was a camel there, I felt he didn’t really fit in with the cows, goats, horses, and pigs. It was a fun day! I got a pumpkin larger than me to carve and take pictures with and pet every type of animal the pumpkin patch had to offer. I had such a large time that I napped for two hours after we left-it really wore me out. Like I’ve been telling you all, the life of a cute baby is exhausting.

My first Halloween is coming up and my Mom and Cici had a brilliant idea for what my costume will entail. I think I am going to be a Cabbage Patch Kid, yarn hair and all. Mom and Cici bought me a yarn hair wig to wear with the costume-I feel like this might be a dig against me because I don’t have a lot of hair yet (not that I can personally help that), but I won’t tell them I feel this way. I guess it’s cute, maybe a little funny. What do you all think? I think it’s a great first Halloween costume-definitely different, eye-catching, and Carson Claire appropriate. Well my loyal readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed my update. Stay tuned for more Carson Claire tales. Happy Fall!

Cabbage Patch kid

Scarecrow Pumpkin



Get a room.

I got a playroom! I got a playroom! I am beyond thrilled to report that this week, my parent’s decided to dedicate an entire room in our house solely to my toys and playing habits. So, what does this mean? Well as opposed to having my toys spread out all over the living room, now they are all contained in my new playroom all within reach of my short arm span. If I want to play with my singing guitar, all I have to do is reach to my right and the songs ensue. Time for a nap? Reach to my left and I have easy access to a blanket. Need to make a faux phone call on my awesome, huge-button, singing cell phone? Reach behind me and all my calls are made possible.

I am really digging this new playroom idea. Not only are all my toys so easily accessible, but also my Mom surprised me with a comfy, plush, new rug as a play mat. Even my Mammie, aunt Mandie, decided to come play in my new playroom yesterday. Or at least, I wanted to play-I am not really sure what she was doing on her laptop. I do know that her laptop has a whole lot more buttons than mine. I tried to play with her laptop in MY playroom, but that didn’t go over so well.

Well I will be 8-months old in just over a week so I am sure the excitement of my endeavors won’t stop-I’ll be sure to keep all my readers posted, no worries. As for now, thanks for reading (because oddly enough, I can’t) and have a great weekend! Oh, and enjoy the pictures of me loving my new playroom!

Carson and I playroom



Boy, I have had one crazy week of playing, play dates, and fun times with new toys and new scenery (this is especially true because of my recent mobility status #crawling). Earlier this week, my Mom scheduled my first official play date with her friend’s kid Wyatt. He’s a pretty nice kid with cute curly, blonde hair. I think it went well? I am not positive though because I am not sure exactly how play dates are supposed to go. He pretended to give me toys to “play”, but then would pull them away from me as soon as I would attempt to “play” back with him. I don’t think he knows how to share very well, but then again I don’t think I do either. He attempted to take my pacifier (or as I like to call it “binky”) out of my mouth and I immediately put a stop to that by taking it back and putting it where it rightfully belongs, in MY mouth. Overall though, I’d say it was a success. Maybe we will have another date again soon, but that’s up to my Mom. At least I’ve got my first attempt at socializing behind me.

Ever since I’ve conquered crawling, my Mom (and grandmas) have been purchasing me all these new toys that make a lot of noise and have been incessantly calling me “big” girl. I assume this is a good thing because I sure am loving all of this attention and new presents. I am quite the speed crawler, if I do say so myself, and have a tendency to get into things that I am not supposed to be playing with (like dog food and paper). Maybe that’s why they keep buying me all of these new, somewhat obnoxious toys? Who knows, but as of now, I won’t complain. New presents and toys on a daily basis are a definite “OK” in my book. Well that’s all for this week’s update on the adventures of Carson Claire. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of new toys to tell you all about next week and another story of new endeavors experienced by yours truly.


You lose, you win, and babies crawl.

Well, here I go, blog post #2 for this very busy, very mobile (it’s official, I know-it is all so very exciting), now 7-month old baby. I have had quite the exhausting week, let me explain. I decided that I was over just rolling around on the floor literally going no place-or at least no place in a frontwards motion. So last Friday night, I just went for it. My Pee-Paw put me on the ground, I took both arms and both legs and launched my body in a frontwards motion. I accidentally face planted into the carpet on my first try, but no worries-it didn’t hurt. Now, a couple of days later I mean, I’ve got this crawling junk down pat. If my Mom sets me down in the living room, she better believe I’ll be under the dining room table in no time. I am noticing that ever since my mobility has occurred, the floor of my house is much less cluttered and much more clean. Is that a hint that I may put too many odd objects, such as my dog Louie’s bones, in my mouth? I guess I’ll never know, or maybe I will when I get older.

This past weekend was the Cincinnati Bengal’s first game of the NFL season. I was so excited to witness my first NFL football game from the comfort of my living room! I decided for the big event I’d dress up a little and support my team-note the image below. Unfortunately, my team lost this week’s game against the Chicago Bears. Oh well, I’ve been overhearing my family talking about possibly going to the next home game! This means I’d actually be witnessing the game live in downtown Cincinnati. My outfit for this event will have to be on spot-I am sure my Mom will purchase me something new for this grand event. Alright all of my wonderful readers, this has been my update for the day/week-no worries though, I’ll post again soon. Always remember, just as this week title denotes, you lose, you win, and babies (like me, Carson Claire) crawl.

Bengal's Carson

Oh, and below are links to some articles related to my endeavors. Enjoy!

It’s my half birthday!

First off, I guess I should introduce myself considering. My name is Carson Claire and I am a fun-sized, outgoing, fun-loving, blabbering, energized, and happy 6-month old baby. I was born February 8th of this year and I must admit my birth was quite the party. I was greeted into this world by a room full of people who I’ve come to know as family and close friends. Some people would say it may have been a lot on my parents, but I say the more the merrier! I had to come into this world with a ‘bang’ and I’d say I accomplished that feat exactly how I intended. I quickly learned what a wonderful family I had by being introduced to my parents, both sets of grandparents, three aunts, and an uncle all within 24 hours of my entrance into this world. As I’ve aged and grown into babyhood, I’ve grown even closer to my wonderful family and have peace knowing I put a smile on all of their faces simply by smiling myself, screaming, laughing, farting, or having an explosive bowel movement. Let me tell you, it’s a lot of pressure and the life of a baby is a lot of hard work. So, such experiences have inspired me to blog about my life on a weekly basis. I think I’ll cover all of my adventures, endeavors, and new “tricks” I learn each week through thoughts, words, and pictures. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring a smile to any person’s face through my blog, even those who aren’t my immediate family.

Well just as the title of this post denotes, it was my half birthday this past month! I’ve come a long way in the first 6 months of my diva existence. I’ve traveled, grown (well sort of, I’m quite the pip-squeak when it comes to size), and learned a lot this past spring and summer and I’d say my life has been pretty great thus far. I’ve been to the beach, to Tennessee for horse shows, and to the lake with my Mom, Dad, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. I’ve learned to roll over, throw toys, almost stand on my own, high five, fake cough like my Mom, laugh, and speak my own language of blabbering-very loudly I might add. To celebrate the first 6 months of my life, my Mom decided to have some pictures made of yours truly-I’ve attached one of them to this post below for your visual entertainment. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first official blog post and stay tuned for weekly updates from me, Carson Claire.